Yezzir 001: Party Rocker

Yezzir Recordings is the label launched by the French heavyweight David Hopperman. I developed the project setting up their logo as well, you can check it here. Here is the very first cover I built for them for Party Rocker by Dabox and David Hopperman.


Download the wallpaper now!
Yezzir Fond 0011

More about Yezzir Recordings
Facebook — SoundCloud

Arccy: Visual identity

Arccy is another young French DJ/producer, and also Pendom‘s collaborator. The duo asked for a common visual identity, the graphics for Arccy therefore follow Pendom’s, with a blue color.

Arccy’s Facebook cover picture
Arccy Couverture Facebook
Arccy’s Facebook profile picture
Arccy Profile
Wallpaper — Download here (13.32 Mo)
Arccy Wallpaper Computer1

More about Arccy
Facebook — SoundCloud

Pendom: Visual identity

The 19-year-old French DJ/producer Pendom is my first logo and visual identity since the website’s launch! The fatness of his records gave me the idea of this logo, with a bloody abstract design inspired by his music’s dirty side. Click on the pictures to expand them! (Links to his pages are below.)

Pendom’s Facebook cover picture
Pendom Facebook cover1
Pendom’s Facebook profile picture
Pendom FB profile1
Wallpaper — Download here (13.24 Mo)
Pendom Wallpaper Computer1

More about Pendom
Facebook — SoundCloud