Jim Cerrano: ‘Bounce Across My Hook’ Cover

Bounce Across My Hook - Header

New cover system for the mash-ups provided by Swiss producer Jim Cerrano. Time for a detachment from the previous styles paying tribute to the Spinnin’ Records cover industry. This is the first installment for this new system

Listen to ‘Bounce Across My Hook’ on Demo Drop

Bounce Across My Hook - Cover (1400)

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David Hopperman: ‘Rockin Violin’ (Cover)

David Hopperman is a well-known French DJ/producer from Marseille. In 2015 he founded his very own label Yezzir Recordings and I have had the pleasure to work with them so far (here are the covers). His international reputation is due to the many records he signed everywhere in Europe on recognized imprints and his attraction for Brazil during the past years. This is the cover I had made for him and his free track called ‘Rockin Violin’ that he released early in 2016. (Click on the cover to enlarge.)

David Hopperman - Rockin Violin (Cover)

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Worka Tune: Acheri (WT0024)

Worka Tune Records is a French record label dedicated to finding young and talented Electronic music producers. They have succeeded in discovering some, now signed on bigger labels like Aevion (Spinnin’), LarsM (Enhanced), Waysons (Revealed), Rudy Zensky (Smash The House), Kastra (Hussle) and RetroVision (Reepublic). Here is the cover for the 24th release called Acheri.


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