Antiyu: Nothing Else Matters (Cover)

French producer Antiyu already has an impressive reputation after just a few releases. His production skills have led him to be supported by heavyweights, especially for this record: a remix of ‘Nothing Else Matters’ by Matt Nash. You can check out the list of supports below and give him your support through the links displayed at the bottom of the post. As usual, just click on the cover to enlarge it in a new tab!

matt nash antiyu nothing else matters


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Sumak: DJ Mix – March (Cover)

Sumak is a French Deep House, Indie and Groovy Music project established in 2015 in the city of Marseille. The DJ and producer is already known under another pseudonym and has already been touring in this region for a long time. Here is the cover I built for his March DJ Mix, inspired by printings usually made on trousers. As usual, you can click on the cover to enlarge it in a new tab. I also made his logo, check it out here!

sumak french dj producer mix march 2016

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Jim Cerrano: ‘Children Of Funky Rivers’ Cover

New cover system for the mash-ups provided by Swiss producer Jim Cerrano since ‘Bounce Across My Hook’. Time for a detachment from the previous styles paying tribute to the Spinnin’ Records cover industry. This is the fourth installment for this new system. (Click on the cover to enlarge in a new tab.)

Listen to ‘Children Of Funky Rivers’ on Demo Drop
Download ‘Children Of Funky Rivers’ on Jim Cerrano’s website

Jim Cerrano Children Of Funky Rivers Cover

You can now download the high quality wallpaper in 2560×1440 or 5120×2880.


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Worka Tune: Earthquake (WT0026)

Worka Tune Records is a French record label dedicated to finding young and talented Electronic music producers. They have succeeded in discovering some, now signed on bigger labels like Aevion (Spinnin’), LarsM (Enhanced), Waysons (Revealed), Rudy Zensky (Smash The House), Kastra (Hussle) and RetroVision (Reepublic). Here is the cover for the 26th release called Earthquake.

Worka Tune Lennard Ellis Earthquake

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