Yezzir 006: Happy

Yezzir Recordings is the label launched by the French heavyweight David Hopperman. I developed the project setting up their logo as well, you can check it here. Here is the sixth cover I built for Happy by Danno.


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006 Website

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Mosvil: Deep Breath (Cover)

The Mosvil‘s project philosophy was to make a step out of the usual 128 sounds of EDM and redefine Progressive sounds at a lower BPM. The podcast called Deep Breath follows the line of his first mixtape made in order to introduce the project (‘Get To Know’).

Deep Breath (1400)

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Worka Tune: Back On Business (WT0021)

Worka Tune Records is a French record label dedicated to finding young and talented Electronic music producers. They have succeeded in discovering some, now signed on bigger labels like Aevion (Spinnin’), LarsM (Enhanced), Waysons (Revealed), Rudy Zensky (Smash The House), Kastra (Hussle) and RetroVision (Reepublic). Here is the cover for the 21st release called Back On Business. Get it now: Beatport link

Back On Business

Download the wallpaper now!
WT0021 - Back On Business

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