Jim Cerrano was my first graphical experience, I have been making covers since 2012 for this pseudonym and this is what drove me to the road of EDM design. Click on the pictures to expand them!

That Cool Disco Sigure Immortale Fire In Our Hearts 01 Tonight Remix1 02 OHM1 03 Control Midnight Sirene Minds1 03 Summer Bootleg Pack 3 Deluxe1 04 Apocalypse Over Light & Thunder Deluxe1 05 Sunrise Knows Deluxe1 06 Turn It A Little More21 07 WCWRWBU Deluxe1 Dead Astronomical Pineapple1 Feel The Love BP Deluxe1 Hope&Escape Deluxe1 I AM The Human Horn Of GreyBack1 I Found ID21 Into the SLVRum Deluxe1 Malanti Together Deluxe1 New Punx Deluxe1 Remember The Redux Child Deluxe1 Set Me Free1 Space Cowboy - Cover 50001

More about Jim Cerrano
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